DIY Bottle Makeover Ideas

DIY Bottle Makeover Ideas- Delicious And DIY

So in my last post I kinda forewarned you guys that the next few projects will be on a Marbleized theme. When I painted these wall arts which you can see here, a lot of paint was used up and a lot of it spilled over the sides trying to achieve the marble effect. And you […]

Marbleized Wall Art

Marbleized Wall Art- Delicious And DIY

This has to be by far the most fun I had creating a Wall Art. It takes literally seconds and the results are stunning. Its kinda addictive in a way. So just a heads up guys the next few projects might literally be all marbled! For this project you need to be prepared since paint will […]

Rose And Gold Foil Art

Rose And Gold Foil Art - Delicious And DIY

This wall art has been on my mind for quite some time now. I just had this idea stuck in my head of a half Gold foil and half “Rose” painting. So it just had to be done. Not all my ideas when executed turn out good but this one I ended up loving even though […]

Bejeweled Aztec Art

Bejeweled Aztec Art - Delicious And DIY

  I Know, no need to tell me, I already know! I’ve used this stencil on multiple projects, I know. I get it !  In case you are wondering you can see it here and  here But the thing is I can’t get enough of it . Aztec Art is my absolute favorite So I really can’t help […]

Floral Art

Floral Art - Delicious And DIY

 I know I have been on a hiatus but I am back today with another Wall Art to add to my Gallery Wall Collection. I had been on a Michaels shopping trip where I basically just picked up the most random things anyone can imagine. I never actually have a plan when I go there I just […]

2016 Round-up: My Top 5 Favorite Projects of the Year


I realized I’ve never actually done a round up of my favorite projects of any YEAR! And I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I thought it’s high time I should do it this time around! I do have to say it was hard to narrow it down to only five projects and […]

Dotted Flower Art

Dotted Flower Art - Delicious And DIY

I’ve finally started working on my work/study room. About time I would say! What I plan to create in my study space is a colorful gallery wall. And not just some ordinary gallery wall, I want it to be covered from the ceiling to the floor (not literally) with wall art. And this guy right […]

Boho Chic Wall Art

Boho Chic Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

Theres a Giveaway in todays post so keep on reading until the end I had been wanting a Bohemian Wall Art for far too long. And I had been searching high and low for a perfect Mandala design. But the type that I wanted, I couldn’t find or if I did it was just expensive. […]

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

Just a heads up you guys the next few weeks all my posts will be heavily focused on Wall Arts. I’ve painted so many and then I realized I have posted absolutely zero of them. So I decided I should give those poor guys a chance 😉 The Bar Stools pictured above you can see […]