Wood Coffee Table Makeover

Wood Coffee Table Makeover -Delicious And DIY

Well technically it is  a wood table with some straw features on the drawers, the top plus some faux leather pattern on the side BUT oh well we shall still call it wood. The point is this table is just beautiful so we don’t really care if its wood or not! The minute I saw […]

Gold And Grey Nightstand Makeover

Gold And Grey Nightstand Makeover - Delicious And DIY

I know I know you might be wondering that you’ve seen a makeover done on this little fella already and you guys are absoulutely Right I did paint this before. The proof is here. The truth is I just really wanted a change even though its been less then a year, I still wanted an upgrade […]

DIY Etched Glass Table Top

DIY Etched Glass Table Top - Delicious And DIY

I really wanted to update our glass table top aka our study table for quiet some time now.It was just a simple plain glass table top on some very simple basic legs. The legs of the table were from Ikea called Lerberg. But the problem is  I don’t do well with basic or plain or anything […]

How I Brighten Up Furniture

How I Brighten Up Furniture - Delicious And DIY

When I say How I Brighten Up Furniture I literally mean it. I just basically went wild with all the paints i had on hand on this furniture piece. Who wouldn’t want to do that Right? 😉 For this particular piece that was my plan of action. The reason being I had tiny amounts of […]

Bookshelf Makeover

Bookshelf Makeover - Delicious And DIY

I’ve been really procrastinating with this bookshelf for quite some time now since this is used mostly for dumping all my paints and craft supplies. But as much as I say to myself its just a shelf storing my paint bottles hence no need for it to be all “pretty” but it is still so […]

DIY Upholstered Chair

DIY Upholstered Chair - Delicious And DIY

This little chair had previously undergone a makeover but this time around I wanted to give it a proper Upholstered transformation and having these beautiful Minted fabrics I just had no excuse not to! The chair looked like this before This isn’t of course the proper before “before” but clearly it needed an upgrade. I […]

How to Quickly Update An Old Lamp

How to Quickly Update an Old Lamp - Delicious And DIY

This was certainly a quick little makeover hence the title 😉 but no joke I was done with this project in under fifteen minutes. Starting off I’ve had this lamp for almost five years now and it was just a basic little lamp. I actually really liked how it was originally which is why I […]

Storage Cabinet Makeover

Storage Cabinet Makeover - Delicious And DIY

This little fella has gone through a lot of makeovers because its been repainted three times over a period of 5 years but I think I’m going to stick with this version now. Hopefully. Finger Crossed 😉 But in all honesty this is my favorite version for this piece so yeah this one is definietly […]

Gold Leaf Coasters

Gold Leaf Coasters - Delicious And DIY

I absolutely love transforming furniture pieces and thats like my top favorite projects to do but then there are days when I just simply love little mini DIY projects like these Gold Leaf Coasters. And these coasters just turned out so darn cute 😉 I bought these square cork coasters from Michaels a while ago […]