Wooden Crate Makeover

Wooden Crate Makeover

So Lately i have been piling more and more wooden crates after i painted the previous Crates in a Kandinsky inspired theme which you guys can see here. I couldn’t really throw these away because they were was some super rock solid wood and super heavy on top of it. These crate were just sitting [...]

Geometric Bowl Makeover

triangle bowl

A simple and cute DIY that I did recently. I went to the store bought all these paint colors which got me really excited to paint and thankfully i had this clay bowl to experiment all the colors on. First it got a coat of light blue on the inside and on the outside I [...]

Wooden Crate Shelves


I finally came around hanging the wooden crates that I painted a while back which were inspired by Kandinsky’s artwork. You guys can see the full post over here. Today I will show you guys how I finally installed them up on the wall. So here they are  

The Final Reveal Basement Room Makeover : One Room Challenge

geometric wall

The final reveal day has arrived I still cant believe it this room is finally DONE. So lets start this show and get to the point. I’ll let the pictures do all the talking You guys can see how I did through out this challenge over here. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, [...]

Week 5 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge


Week 5 is here already and this week I wanted to just focus on the smaller stuff add some final touches and just chill out.But oh no no no how could that be possible with a billion ideas running around in my head. I have never had so many ideas and felt super confused at [...]

Office Chair Gets A Spring Makeover

office chair floral

When I started the process of giving this Office Chair a Makeover the one thing that  I wanted from the get go was a fabric which had a colourful pattern to it something which meant Spring, Fun and Lively. That was the only reason I wanted to give this chair a makeover plus I had [...]

Week 4 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

table top

It’s week 4 and things are coming together and its making me happy.This week i tried to complete the wall but more of my focus was cleaning out the room and making space.The bookshelf that covers the whole wall of the room needed to be sorted out, plus as it was a complete dump room [...]

For The Love of Herringbone


This is a quick little makeover that I did recently taking some time out of the One Room Challenge.It was short, quick and I loved doing it. So basically there were these two niches that needed a quick uplift. I don’t really have a before shot  I have an almost midway shot but if you [...]

9 Ways to Re-Style Your Bedroom


So today I am going to do things a bit differently around here i have a guest post by a lovely blogger Kathy who like me loves everything DIY and home decoration related. Thankyou Kathy for your guest post. I am Kathy Joe- a simple girl with a simple passion of home decor & interior [...]