Ikea Lack Side Table Makeover

Ikea Lack Side Table Makeover - Delicious And DIY

 I always liked these Ikea Side tables more specifically because they are the perfect blank canvas for a DIY person like me to go as wild as I want to or be as subtle ( which in my world will never happen ! )as I want to. And  more importantly for once I had a […]

Mini Canvas Gallery Wall

Mini Canvas Gallery Wall - Delicious And DIY

Todays post is going to be short and sweet like these Mini Canvasses. I made this gallery wall a few months back and just today got the time to blog about it. The guest room I had in my mind for this gallery wall was pretty neutral and since I didn’t feel like going super […]

10 Stencil Furniture Makeovers

Top 10 Stencil Furniture Makeovers- Delicious And DIY

Be sure to keep on reading till the end since there is a SURPRISE! Todays post is a round up of my 10 Stencil Furniture Makeovers which I have done in the last year or so and I absolutely LOVE every single on of them. All the stencils I have used on these projects are from Cutting […]

Refinished End Tables

Refinished End Tables- Delicious And DIY

So our apartment is slowly coming along and we finally bought a coffee table and end tables to go on either side of our sofa We ended up buying these end tables which also came with a rectangular shaped coffee table. The coffee table I will show you guys in my next post but today […]

Stencilled Dining Table Set

Stencilled Dining Table Set - Delicious And DIY

So in our new place we have this nook area like a breakfast place which was perfect for this set of round table and chairs. I really wanted a dining table set but didn’t realize my wish would come true instantly when we found these guys the very next day we moved in. The table and […]

Bar Stool Makeover

Bar Stool Makeover- Delicious And DIY

When I got these bar stools, I initially thought of just keeping them as they were originally. But then of course looking at the completely black bar stool everyday was kinda driving me crazy and I just had to inject massive color into it. The bar stool originally looked like this I had this beautiful color […]

Multicolored Ikat Nightstand

Multicolored Ikat Nightstand - Delicious And DIY

This post has been long overdue because we moved to a new place and a new city and it has been CRAZY hence the delay. But we’ve we’ve been setting up our new place slowly and the first thing which I ended up buying were these two pairs of nightstands. Be warned these were a […]

Modern Lamp Makeover

Modern Geometric Lamp - Delicious And DIY

This Lamp is pretty much an “In your Face” Bold Statement piece. I just did not want to give it a simple lamp makeover and call it a day. This lamp is for someone who really loves to take risks! I basically had a checklist for this lamp that it should be Quirky Something Never […]

Glass Paint Marker Plate Makeover

Glass Paint Marker Plate Makeover - Delicious And DIY

I know its been a while since I posted but I am back with this cute little plate makeover using glass paint markers. I finally came around using my DecoArt Glass Paint Markers and I am in LOVE with the results which are just like real Glass paints. Since it’s in a marker form it […]