Wooden Board Art


Wooden Board Art DIY- Delicious And DIYThis little masterpiece was one of my first DIY creations where clearly you can see how dark my pictures are and how I didn’t really focus on capturing the process or how I ended up with this Wall Art but oh well you gotta start somewhere.Right πŸ˜‰

So for this little project I had Two Wooden Planks in my basement lying around and a very old metal base of a floor mat.

I thought why not marry these two together and create a Wall Art because thats the first thing you think about as soon as you see wood and metal πŸ˜‰

But hey thats what was going on in my mind :)

Moving on I also had a bunch of broken mirror pieces lying about and thought why not add these pieces on the wooden board as well.

Wooden Plank Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

First things first I took my Silver Spray Paint and gave the wooden plank and the metal base a good two to three coats of the silver.

When that was dry I went in and glued on the mirror pieces onto the board.

The next day I had to drill four holes for the metal base to hang on to the board.

That part my dad did it for me because I was super clueless and scared of the drill!

And that was it.

All Done. Just hang it up on the wall and you are good to go :)

Wooden Board Art DIY- Delicious And DIY




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