Broken Mirror Wall Hanging DIY

Easiest DIY to date with a huge impact.

Easiest DIY to date with a huge impact.

This DIY i did like way way way way back like i’m guessing maybe 7 or 8 years ago. This was the easiest one to do. Take any old frame or canvas and Glue on the Mirror in the middle.

Take a spare Mirror and smash it into pieces and try to fill in the side of the mirror there is no right or wrong way you just have to fill it as much as you can obviously there will be gaps showing if that’s going to happen you guys can spray paint the canvas before silver chrome or fill in the gaps with a silver marker that’s what i did so that the white area/ gaps cannot be seen.

And hopefully you will end up with something like that picture :) Also you guys can go ahead with different shapes a circle mirrror or hexagonal etc any shape would do . So Have Fun you guys and get creative  .

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