Herringbone Table Trolley Makeover

Table Trolley Makeover - Delicious And DIY

On this DIY project everyone was like why even bother giving this trolley a makeover its broken and rusty etc. But the thing is the spiral design on the side caught my eye and i knew  as soon as i will spray paint the grooves/spirals it will be enhanced. So therefore without paying attention to anyone i went ahead and started the project.



The before as you can clearly see, the state it was in no wonder it was just stored away in the attic and covered with a table cloth. But thank God i found it because now i love it.

So the upper part of the trolley i taped it all up  with my masking tape in a herringbone pattern very straightforward nothing fancy. And the bottom part which isn’t pictured here i taped it in a chevron/triangular pattern. I didn’t want both of the upper and lower half to match i wanted it to look interesting. When it was all taped up it was ready to be spray painted.

With a can of  Gold Spray Paint i sprayed it all over and you guys must have noticed i kept the original dark brown colour because i actually liked it peeking through but other then that the trolley was all Gold.

That is  it all Done. Now i have it happily placed in my lounge after years and years of it being covered up in the attic it now is out in the open and it looks so good.

The Final Result

trolley after trolley after1


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