Hand Woven Basket Makeover


This is one of those DIY Projects where you add like one lace trim, stud or beads etc on a normal day to day item and it completely transforms it.

So  i had this hand woven basket. Plain and simple. No big deal.

basket before

The room in which it was placed i never really gave it a thought but i wanted to inject some color into the place in a very subtle way and this basket was the way to go.

I found a lace trim which i had in for like forever. Very vibrant and colorful.

lace trim

Initially i thought i would glue it onto the basket but i wanted this project to be quick and easy so bring out the common pins 😉

common pinsThis took me literally 2 mins just take the pins and start placing it onto the lace. Plus the pins dont  stick out on the other side as they go completely into the woven basket so no need to worry about pins pricking your finger.

common pin on the lace trimJust pin around the whole basket and there you go All Done. So quick and so cute.

basket diy after




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