Wooden Crate Makeover

Wooden Crate Makeover

So Lately i have been piling more and more wooden crates after i painted the previous Crates in a Kandinsky inspired theme which you guys can see here. I couldn’t really throw these away because they were was some super rock solid wood and super heavy on top of it.

These crate were just sitting in the store for a good month before i decided that i should do something about it but as always i had no clue what i wanted to do. So while i’m deciding what to do i opened my cabinet where i keep all these empty jars and other DIY projects which i “might” do in the future that i realized i had been hoarding like piles upon piles of toilet paper roll ( I know i know have nothing better to then hoard paper rolls)

And that was actually a good thing i saw my secret stash of rolls because they inspired me to make these crates into what it is now.

Plus I realized i had told everyone in the house like long ago that no one is to throw any rolls away they better keep it in the cabinet and they actually did. Oh how much i love them all, always in on my crazy :)

Anyways moving on with my millions and billion of rolls in hand, i went ahead flattened each of them out and cut them into strips.


Plus i painted all those little Roll cutouts white too. It took me like 4 hours honestly  i should have used a white spray paint can but i knew it wouldn’t go into all those nook and cranny’s and i would end up painting them again anyways. I mean literally one side of the crate has like 28 cutouts and i needed to cover like 4 sides so  28 times 4 EXACTLY a billion little cutouts and my poor hand.

When the Toilet Paper Roll situation was under control HAH 😉

I went ahead and painted the crates in the color white. I’ve never done any project which was purely white on white and I’m always about COLOR COLOR COLOR. This time around working with all this white was a different experience.


When the crates were all painted and coated and did i mention how heavy these crates were well I’ll mention it again because i got like a full workout in with all the picking and moving these babies over and over.

Now the part where the magic actually happens. I took out my trusty glue and gave all the sides of the crate a good thick coat of glue so that the cutouts would easily stick and stay in place.


This is how it looked before i went ahead and painted my life and time away on all those cutouts i could have kept the original color but knowing that these are actually toilet paper rolls i couldn’t really live with knowing that fact so i had to paint them.


Now when i look at it again it really doesn’t look that bad actually. But whats done is done so lets proceed.

I applied glue on all sides and starting placing the cutouts the way i wanted them and each individual cutout got a dose of glue too so that they would stick with each other easily.

It took a whole day for them to dry completely and the next day my wooden crate were all Done :)

wooden crate

I’m thinking of using them like a cute Mini Table Set in like in some corner of the room because knowing how super heavy they are i don’t really want to hang them up on the wall just so i constantly keep on thinking that its going to fall any minute.

But this is how they would look if i did hang them up.


wall hanging

I mean they would look good either way but I’m leaning more towards the Mini Wooden Crate Table Set idea.


777And that’s about it.

What do you guys think ? :)



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