DIY Gold Geometric Tables

DIY Gold Geometric Tables


I’ve had these identical tables in the house for more then 34 years, even before i was i born so you can imagine how “contemporary and modern” looking these tables actually were.

One was covered with a tablecloth and the other one was stored in the basement with my printer placed perfectly on top of it to cover its brown laminated surface.

I did give these tables a makeover almost a year ago but i wanted to update them again, knowing me and my personality of wanting to change things over and over again :)

So to begin with the tables used to look like this before

Tables Before and After

Basically they were just neglected and hidden away and that too for a good reason  because Hey they aren’t really the prettiest tables to look at.  But i saw potential in them and thought why not make these babies pretty.

The makeover i gave these tables last year was pretty simple.

I applied a coat of paint and with masking tape created split on top of the table in a diagonal  shape. From there i painted half of it Gold and the other half in a Light Pink color and that was basically it.

table in process


In a year these tables went through ALOT, a lot of use and misuse but mostly abuse and it was time they needed an upgrade.

So luckily i had the base color with me again and gave the table another coat. Also i just wanted a shade that was just a little darker nothing to colorful or bright this time around for the Geometric Pattern that i was going to make on top of the table.

paint colors

The taping part was actually pretty easy since these tables are tiny it took me literally 15 mins max to tape out the design and i was off to painting in no time.

geometric table

The slightly darker shade i used to paint the entire top of the table and with the color Summer Pink i went in and painted the legs of the table again, by the time the paint was somewhat dry I took off the tape and that was it these little tables got a pretty little upgrade.

Geometric Table Makeover

I was initially thinking of covering up the Gold Part but I’m glad I didn’t.

Geometric Table Delcious and DIY



Pink and Gold Geometric Table


DIY Gold Geometric Pattern Table Makeover

And that’s about it a quick easy upgrade. What do you guys think? :)

DIY Gold Geometric Table Makeover

golddd diy










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      Anam Salimi says

      Thankyou Sarka. These tables were actually the first few things that I started my DIY projects with so at that time I didn’t really bother with sanding or priming etc I just went over directly with the paint.

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    Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome says

    These are wonderful! I love the gold…great DIY! Thanks for linking w/ us at Twirl and Take a Bow! Pinning! ox


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