Mirror Makeover

Mirror Makeover- Delicious and DIY

This Makeover was long overdue i have to admit,i knew it had to be done but because this Mirror was just so depressing to look at that i would do anything to delay it and that is what i did for about five years. But the time had finally come and this Mirror had to be updated.

Basically the mirror is a full dresser cum mirror set. But now only the mirror is being used and the dresser/drawer is stored away in the basement, which reminds me i have to update that aswell.

Moving on, the mirror is round about like twenty plus years old,super solid wood and super heavy and the day i gave it a makeover i had done two workouts already, little did i know moving this mirror, picking it up,laying it down would trump the hardest of hardest workouts i have ever done in my life. Crossfit seems like a joke with what i endured with this Mirror alone.

But it was all worth it in the end. Who am i kidding a little help would have been perfect but since this mirror is finally done i cant really complain now :)

Anyways let’s move onto how the mirror actually looked and how it looks now, enough about the history of the mirror and the sufferings i endured along the way.

Before and After Mirror Makeover

Oh and this mirror had another surprise hidden away at the top which i had completely forgotten about. Behold a super dated light fixture I’m sure it  must be all the rage back in the day but now it was time to get rid of it.

light fixture

And on top of it the light fixture was Broken and it was still attached to the mirror. I took out my trusty screwdriver and got rid of it. With the light off of the mirror it actually started to look a little bit normal but not completely until i started painting it.

First i went over with masking tape over the entire mirror so that when i did start painting it the paint wont spill over onto the mirror and since i didn’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning it later a little precaution beforehand was a must . I applied my first coat of Light Pink color and let it dry overnight.

first coat

The next day i applied another coat of the same color. The colors i used were the same that i used on my DIY Gold Geometric Table.  The design i had in mind originally i ended up not using but guess who made a comeback. The TP rolls are BACK. I used them initially on these wooden crates which you guys can see here and i honestly thought that was the end of the rolls and I will never use them again but for some reason i was still saving the rolls i have no idea why but I had hoarded about four or five rolls in a month.I honestly really need to start throwing them away God knows why i still keep on saving them.

So just like the wooden crates i cut up the rolls and painted them.

TP rolls When that was all done, afterwards it was only a matter of placing it the way i wanted it on the mirror and gluing the Rolls onto the Mirror.

And that was it the old dresser mirror finally is updated.

DIY Mirror Makeover using TP Rolls- Delicious and DIY


Mirror Makeover - Delicious and DIY

Mirror Makeover using TP rolls- Delicious and DIY

TP ROLL Mirror Makeover- Delicious and DIY


What do you guys think? :)



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