DIY Faux Silver Leaf Table

DIY Foil Table

This little table was another one of those projects that i had been delaying for quiet some time now. Just like the Mirror Makeover it was time that i got this table done and over with. Since the Mirror was also in the same room as this table i kept in the same pink color palette range.

Lets begin with the Before shot Shall We.



So basically this isn’t even its true before shot. Like about twenty years ago this table had silver legs and the tabletop was this brown tinted glass. Not at all cute. I spray painted the legs about 5 years ago since they were all rusty and basically ugly. So a good coat of black spray paint helped a little bit. But i kept the tinted table top. Not that I am a fan of Tinted glasses its just that i had no idea what i should do with it.

Last year i spray painted the top part with Silver Spray Paint thinking it would make the situation a little better. But Nopes still seemed pretty bad as you can clearly see plus there were alot of scratches on the table now and also on the legs of the  spray paint was coming of in many places .

And so began the journey of transforming this table into something more pretty ,if that could actually happen.

I started of by dividing the table into squares using masking tape.

tape the table

I just eyeballed it and taped it into equal parts. Anything which involves the slightest bit of numbers/maths I am out. Plus if i can do such a good job with just eye balling why measure and waste time on unnecessary brain “torture”.

Moving on as I mentioned earlier this table was going in the same room as the upgraded Mirror so i used the same exact colors and gave the tables a good two to three coats of both the pink colors alternating the light and the dark colors.

Pink and Purple Table Taped

When the squares were painted I could have left it as it is because I thought it actually did look cute but since i have been obsessing over silver leafing for a while now I had to use  it on this table.

Initially the plan was to Faux Silver Leaf the whole table but since I have done that in the past maybe around when i was like 15 years old i had this huge Wall Art on which i used Faux Silver Leafing. Oh before i forget Faux Silver Leaf aka Aluminium Foil is what i used on this DIY Project.

So i cut up Triangles out of the Aluminum Foil for the square boxes that i painted on the table.

Silver Foil

And then from there on out it was just a matter of placing the Foil in whatever pattern that i felt made more sense.


When i was happy with the placement of the foil ,with my trusty hardware glue i glued the foil in all the right places.

I love how the foil crinkles up. Love me some Texture.


When the tabletop was all done it was time to do something with the legs. So using more Aluminum Foil I covered up round about 3/4 of the legs with the foil and kept the black so it could peek through slightly. And that was basically it.

All Done.

Aluminium Foil


I realized while i was Photographing that the Foil also makes a Diamond Pattern on top.So Cute.

What do you guys think?

DIY Faux Silver Leaf Table



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    Hi Anam. Came over from the Blog Hobnob and love your creativity. Would love if you came and shared this Sunday at 6pm PST on the Merry Monday Link Party. BTW- tried to follow using your G+ button at the top of your blog and it goes to the G+ main page, not to your personal profile.


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