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DIY Wall Art-Delicious And DIY

I had Pinned away this image a while ago on my Pinterest board and I knew I just had to use this design somewhere since it’s so fun,bright and colorful.

The time FINALLY came to use this pattern when my husband and I were looking up ideas on what sort of design we should have on these canvasses that we were planning on painting and hanging up in our room. And we ended up deciding on this Southwestern Inspired Design.


I first saw this gorgeous Feature Wall done by Corinna on her blog. The colors and the pastel shades were perfect for the canvasses we were planning on painting.


We tweaked the design a bit from the original, added another layer of triangles Plus our canvasses were more narrow in shape hence the design wasn’t as broad as the original.

I tried to get the same exact colors, well almost the same exact shades used in the image above since the colors are what makes this design so pretty.

Paint Colors -Delicious and DIY

First things first we had to get this design onto the canvasses the easiest route seemed to sketch the design out first and then go over it with masking tape later.

This design needed alot of precision and alot of patience and I mean alot of PATIENCE.

Everything had to be equal and precise and if anyone knows me I’m like the last person to bother with getting things done accurately let alone have the patience to do it with such perfection and this is where my husband comes in.I doubt I would have even bothered with this design if it wasn’t for him and his preciseness and his love for numbers and measuring everything out exactly.

Divide into Equal Parts

So basically all the dividing everything into equal parts etc was his headache while I just relaxed well not really I ended up taping the whole thing that’s hard work in itself.



When everything was taped as accurately as it could be. Then came about painting it.Before we started we applied a full coat of white paint along the masking tape just so that everything seals in and that when we actually start the painting process the color wouldn’t bleed through the masking tape.

Then it was just a matter of filling in the design and painting the whole canvas.


beore tape

When that was all Done. Guess what? We had to repeat the whole process onto the next Canvas.

The thought of repeating the whole thing all over again was the last thing we wanted to do but since we were actually having so much fun Why Not Right? Why Not Go Through All that Hardwork All Over Again?

So after about another four hours of doing exactly the same thing. We were Finally Done.  Like FINALLY.

Seemed like a miracle.

Gold Marker

The next day I went in and outlined the design with a Gold Sharpie just to give it some clean lines. I almost always end up adding Gold in the projects I do so how could this be any exception, it just had to have some Gold.

Gold Marking

After about eight hours and alot of patience later we were Actually Done.

Even though it isn’t as perfect but I like those flaws they remind me of the struggle we were actually going through at the time we were painting it :)

And that’s basically it. What do you guys think ?


canvas wall art



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