Aztec Inspired Clay Bowl Makeover

clay bow makeover

After the Geometric Bowl Makeover that i did a while back I had a similar Clay Bowl Leftover,so this time around with some Aztec Inspiration the Earthen Bowl got a little makeover.



I first painted the entire bowl in a bright orange color.When it dried it looked a bit similar to the bowl before it was painted but at least it was  a bit more vibrant now.

For the Aztec Design part I cut out stencils from an old newspaper nothing to fancy. Cut out two sizes one was large and the other one was a bit smaller.

I randomly drew a design and cut it out equally. Well I “tried” to cut it out equally.


I placed the larger stencil in the middle and traced an outline with a pencil and the smaller stencils i traced around the entire rim of the bowl.

After that I took out my white paint and with a really thin pointed brush started filling in the design.

Aztec Inspired Bowl Makeover

When that was all filled and painted, I went over the larger design in the middle with Pastel Green Paint and outlined the entire design.

And of course as always at the End like every project that I do  I had to outline all the designs with my Gold Sharpie.I just had to. I can’t stop.


And that was it. All Done.

earthen vase


clay bow makeover




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