Mod Triangle Wall Art

Mod Triangle Wall Art

The room in which I painted the Pastel Painted Hexagon Wall it definitely needed a Wall Art. Initially I was thinking of making the same exact design like the wall onto the canvas by cutting up mini hexagons, then I thought why shouldn’t I just make one Giant Hexagon out of  Triangles but then the Triangles just became the main design and the rest was history.

I got almost the same same exact colors in Glitter Cardstock that we used on the wall.

glitter cardstock

When I say almost “got the same exact colors” I say that because the Gold was such a disappointment and it looked more yellow then how Gold is supposed to look like other then that the rest of the colors turned out fine I just added Silver in place of Gold.

I didn’t end up using that Gold/Yellow Gold in this project which was hard for me since the whole design was supposed to revolve around Gold but Oh Well.

So like I said before I wanted a huge Hexagon made all out of Triangles. I did attempt to make it and this is how it was coming along.


And it was making no sense whatsoever CLEARLY so i scrapped that idea aswell and just went with the Mod Triangle Route.

So started the process of cutting out about a hundred triangles all equal and precise. Trust me it was utter agony but Thankfully it was the only part which was traumatizing the rest was just gluing the triangles onto the canvas. So it wasn’t  all that bad :)

cardstock trianglesSince I cut all the Glitter Cardstock on the canvas (I wonder why though) I ended up with a huge glitter mess on the white canvas and I wanted it all clean and white before I glued on the Triangles. I tried dusting it off, blowing it off , shaking it off I tried everything but it just wouldn’t work so i ended up painting the canvas white all over again. That took care of it.

mod wall art

After that it was just a matter of placing the triangles. I didn’t individually glue on the triangles because Firstly they were about a hundred and No One has time for that so I just thinned out some hardware glue and with my paintbrush covered the whole canvas with it since it dries out clear and then placed the triangles all over.

And there you have it  a simple Mod Triangle Wall Art.


What do you guys think?

wall art

Mod Triangle Wall Art


Mod Triangle Wall Art (2)


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    Jann Olson says

    This is so fun! Triangles are really in right now. I think this would be so fun in a teens room! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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    I love it! I have some card stock like that from the dollar store with an adhesive back but I like the idea of glue on the canvas! Visiting from Junkin Joe


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