DIY Aztec Wall Art


DIY Abstract Wall Art

I had these two canvasses hanging about when I was in my lets “Thumbtack Everything I Can Get My Hands On” phase and since I was way past that phase now and I had alot of Cardstock leftover from my previous Mod Triangle Wall Art Project plus Paint so it only made sense to give these canvasses a makeover.


This is what the canvas looked like before I don’t  know what I was trying to make but BOY did I use alot of Thumb Pins which resulted in a million little tiny holes when I took them off, but nothing that a thick coat of paint couldn’t cover. So it was All Good. Plus the random piece of lace that I had pinned onto the canvas.It just had to go, sometimes I don’t even get what I’m trying to make.


So for this Wall Art I ended up using Blue, Green and Orange Paint and basically I just started painting away.I started with Blue and then gradually Orange blending the colors along the way. There’s no right or wrong way when creating “Abstract” so I just painted until I felt that it looked good enough.

Abstract Wall Art

I ended up adding Green on both sides of the canvas and just kept on blending everything until it looked “blended” enough and ofcourse when I was happy with the end result.

After that I just cut up a stencil from an old newspaper and traced it out onto the Gold Cardstock leftover from my previous project.

stencilI had to tweak the design a bit afterwards since there wasn’t enough Cardstock for both the canvasses hence a re-design was in order. Which just meant some cutting and adding of triangle pieces.

DIY Abstract Cardstock ArtAnd that was basically  it.

I just glued the Gold Cardstock onto the Canvas and that was it All Done.

DIY Abstract Cardstock Wall ArtWhat do you guys think?

DIY Abstract Wall Art





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    Fun! I like your idea to use newspaper as a stencil. I’m always taping multiple sheets of printer paper together for longer things! BTW – I love the geometric rug in the last photo, too. The colors are so pretty!

    Visiting from the Pin Junkie =)


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