Ikat Chevron Bowl Makeover

Ikat Chevron Bowl MakeoverI’ve been obsessing over the Ikat pattern for quiet some time now so I ended up making the Ikat Chevron version of it. Since I am a fan of projects which aren’t supposed to be perfect and who doesn’t love a good Chevron pattern, both of them together who would say NO to that.The crazy you get with the colors the more pretty it looks since its all about blending, blending and more blending.

So I started of with a plain Earthen Bowl.

beforeAnd with some colors and Zig Zag brushstroke pattern I ended up with my very own Ikat Chevron Bowl.

Ikat Chevron Bowl MakoeverI painted the entire bowl in a Pastel Green color. For this project I used Acrylic Paints since they blend better and also the colors are more vibrant.

Ikat Chevron Bowl MakoeverThis is what I thought I was happy with but at the end I went in again and added more Light Blue. The more you blend and add in colors the better it looks.I used roundabout five colors white, dark blue, sky blue, hot pink and Gold for this Bowl.

Firstly I started of with the deep dark blue color and  painted a Chevron pattern, no need for it to look perfect just keep on painting away  in vertical brushstrokes.

Ikat Chevron Bowl MakoeverThen I added a layer of white paint and kept on building the colors one by one. You really need to blend together the colors to get the Jagged look that Ikat is known for. After the white I went in with Hot Pink and the rest of the colors.

Lastly I went ahead with my Gold Sharpie and colored the entire rim of the bowl in Gold.

Ikat Chevron Bowl MakoeverAnd there you go a quick Bowl Makeover.

All Done.

Ikat Chevron Bowl Makoever
Ikat Chevron Bowl Makoever

Ikat Chevron Bowl Makoever

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    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creativity on The Inspiration Board at homework. I loved your project and featured you today!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    carolyn ~ homework

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    Jann Olson says

    You really turned that bowl into a work of art! Vibrant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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