SouthWestern Inspired Bowl Makeover

SouthWestern Bowl DIY Bowl Makeover

Remember when I painted, well technically not just me lets rephrase it remember when my ever so patient husband and I  painted the South Western Inspired DIY Wall Art. Well today I’m posting its mini version in a bowl which by the way took a whopping five minutes as compared to the several hours we spent on the Wall Art.

South Western Inspired Bowl MakeoverThe Inspiration was of course the pretty canvasses that we painted. You can see the full post here.

DIY Wall Art-Delicious And DIY

Firstly I painted the entire bowl in the Pastel Blue color which was used on the canvasses. And then from there on I freehand drew the design in the middle,no stencil, no ruler no precision. Hey if you want it to be done  in five minutes you cant think of it being perfect.

Clearly freehand drawing isn’t one of my biggest strengths but oh well it was going to be covered with paint anyways. So I just eyeball-ed the design and hoped it would turn out “perfect”.

South Western Inspired Bowl Makeover

It took like a couple of takes to make the design which is obvious with the amount of lines drawn all over but I painted the entire pattern with the same Pastel Green and Orange color that I used on the canvasses. You just a need rough guideline. That’s a completely different story that I needed two more coats of paint to cover up my freehand catastrophe.

But anyways moving on, the next part was to add the triangles like the one on the canvasses since I didn’t have the same paint colors on hand I had the “almost” same colored Glitter Cardstock. So why not Right? Lets just use some Cardstock which by the way is ten times more convenient then drawing and painting in triangles.

So I cut up mini triangles out of  the two shades of Pink Cardstock.

Glitter Cardstock

And then I just glued on the Triangles around the entire Inner rim of the bowl.

Lastly to give the design a clean edge I used my Gold Sharpie and went over the entire pattern.

And that was it. All Done.

South Western Inspired Bowl Makeover

South Western Inspired Bowl Makeover

SouthWestern Bowl DIY Bowl Makeover

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    Shailaja says

    The gold Sharpie seems to have made all the difference in the end! It has definitely added a bit of oomph to the painted bowl.

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