IKEA Tarva Nightstand Makeover

IKEA Tarva Nightstand

So I’ve been setting up my apartment with my husband lately and things are coming along slowly but surely. We started off with the Tarva Series Side table from IKEA. Since we had planned on painting our side tables,these tables were the perfect blank canvasses.

I ended up using the IKAT Pattern on these side tables because firstly I love how I can use multiple bright colors and secondly the design doesn’t have to be perfect the messier you make the pattern the prettier it looks, win-win I say.


I wanted a really colorful table, you know to get that POP of color in our bedroom so I painted the entire table in a Bright Raspberry color  and for the Ikat pattern I used hot pink, sky blue, lime green and dark blue.

paint colorsFirst I gave the table two coats of the color Raspberry and let it dry before I started the Ikat pattern.

I roughly marked where I would start the design on the drawer and painted over it with the Light Blue color.


To get the look of an Ikat pattern you just have to go in with your brush and with small strokes you just blend the color out.


The more strokes the better. When that was done I went ahead with my lime green color and painted a diamond pattern inside. Then again blended it out.

I outlined the Light Blue with the darker shade of blue using the same brush technique.

And then finally I added hot pink on top of the lime green.

Ikat patternAnd that was it. All Done.

I applied a layer of clear coat sealant on top of the table since these tables are going to be used alot and I didn’t want to end up with any scratches on it.

ikea tarva

So there you have it the Tarva Side table gets an injection of color.

What do you guys think?




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    Gigi says

    This is AMAZING!!! I love how you took something so simple and made into something so unique. What a way to save money!!

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