Brown Table Gets A Teal Makeover

Brown Furniture Gets  A Teal Surprise- Delicious And DIY

As I mentioned in my previous post how my husband and I were setting up our apartment lately so this is another one of those gems we bought and transformed.

I’ve been on Craigslist like a complete Addict. We’ve been looking for some tables to go in our lounge, so I can put my lamps on them which by the way are also from Craigslist. I’m telling you its been alot of Craigslist up in here.

So I got this Octagon Table which has no cracks or chips (okay maybe some tiny little chipping here and there but nothing that cant be fixed) plus it has such a huge storage space inside. . The most obvious stain or dent it had was this Circle on top which you end up getting by placings mugs and glasses on the table constantly without a coaster but I knew that could be easily covered up aswell.

But come on you guys it was for only $10. We had to get it.

This is how the table looked before

before watermark



Since we bought a grey sofa for our lounge therefore all the other pieces that we wanted to add in our apartment needed to have alot of color. Just like my Ikea Tarva Sidetable Makeover this table got a major POP of color aswell.

I went with this beautiful Teal Color.


I had to give the table about three coats of the Teal Color to fully cover any scratches and the “Circle Stain” on top. Then for the handles I went ahead with my Liquid Gold Leaf and brightened up the handles.


Just one coat of the liquid Gold Leaf and the handles were instantly transformed. I love how shiny it is and just one coat of the Gold was needed.

gold handles

And that was pretty much it.A simple Paint job, a $10 dollar table and some Liquid Gold Leafing and you have yourself a brand new table.

I’m completely in love with it.

What do you guys think?

Brown Furniture Gets A Makeover- Delicious And DIY

Brown Furniture Gets  A Teal Surprise

Brown Furniture Gets A Teal Surprise



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