DIY Wood Pillar Makeover

Wood Pillar Makeover-Delicious And DIYFinally the apartment setting up is coming along smoothly and is almost complete. At least I can sit back, relax and tell you guys all about it. Today we will start with this wooden pillar, this little gem that I found while furniture hunting.

So we were picking up some Craigslist furniture which you guys will see in upcoming posts, that I saw this little wooden pillar in a corner. The owner was so sweet he also gave away this pillar. It had some serious damage at the base but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. The pillar weighed a TON to the point when my husband and I were trying to haul, drag and stuff all the furniture in the car this little wooden pillar which was the heaviest piece of all and which was not at all part of our plan made me question if we actually really needed it but I’m glad we kept it.

This is how this little pillar looked before.

wood pillar before

You guys can see the damage at the base. I knew I had to place this pillar in a corner so that one side was going to be hidden away anyways so why put in the extra effort of fixing it when no one will be able to see it, EVER!

I started with painting the wood pillar in the color Raspberry.

raspberryAfter about one coat of paint things started coming together.

Wood Pillar Makeover

When that was dry I gave it another coat. For the part where the carvings was I knew I wanted to paint it Gold and I bought this pillar for its carving so it had to stand out. With my Martha Stewart’s Gold Liquid Gilding I painted the entire top part of the Pillar.

Wood Pillar MakeoverI love the brightness and shine of the liquid gold and with just one coat it looked amazing.

Wood Pillar MakeoverAt first I painted the top part in the color Raspberry but then I fell in love with the gold so much that I went ahead and painted the top part Gold aswell.

When that was completed I took my Charcoal Grey color and painted the base of the pillar and blended it with the Raspberry color. The idea was to achieve somewhat of an ombre effect.

Wood Pillar MakeoverAfter blending the grey with the raspberry by using a lighter shade of purple to bring it all together my wooden Pillar was finally complete.

I added a vase on top with some huge flowers

I have this wooden pillar placed away in one corner and It really brightens up the whole apartment.

What do you guys think?

Wooden Pillar Makeover- Delicious And DIY

Wood Pillar Makeover- Delicious And DIY

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