How I Ended The Life of A $5 Drab Mirror

How I Literally Ended The Life of a $5 MirrorBefore I start my story be warned that this isn’t for the faint of heart and it won’t have a pretty ending or a beautiful  happily ever after.

(I would suggest you guys have a tissue box ready) 😉

Lets begin Shall We!

It all started with an innocent looking $5 Mirror from Walmart that my husband had for years and of course I had my eye on it for quiet some time to totally DIY the life out of it.

So on a beautiful Sunny day I began my little project “Mission transforming $5 Mirror into Faboulous-ness ”

Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIYFirstly I had to Super Glue the back of the Mirror again since it was literally coming off and the last thing I wanted was the mirror to  fall and crash into pieces after I “DIY’ed” it.

(Little did I know that from this point on everything was going to change)

Hence that was the first order of business.

When that was all done, glue all dried everything set I went in and started painting the mirror. I taped it and painted the frame all white. It needed  about three coats to fully cover the black.

Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIYA few months back I had bought these wood craft pieces in carrying sizes from Michaels and I hadn’t figured out where to use these and this mirror was the perfect candidate.

Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIYSo I started painting these pieces in the color Sea Green, Hot Pink and Bright Orange. You know some bright, fun colors for spring. Everything was going great besides the fact that I was painting a million little wood pieces individually all by hand which can seriously get super mundane but I knew the outcome would be amazing hence I pushed along chanting ” You can do this Anam” “You Go Girl” along the way.

Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIYAfter what seemed like a century had passed by, the pieces were done! In real time it was actually  10 mins but Hey it seemed like forever in my world, I was in agony give me some love and support here you guys!

Then started the placement of the wood pieces, I knew it had to be something Aztec and with those wood pieces and those colors it only made sense to go the Aztec way.

So here I was again with the wood pieces this time around not painting but individually gluing them onto the mirror. INDIVIDUALLY! AGAIN!

The struggle was for REAL!

Everything had to be in line and in place. And if anyone knows me they know that making everything perfect is just not my forte.

But I still did it. So proud of myself ( even though it still wasn’t perfect “perfect” but Oh Well ! )

So here I am feeling super accomplished, have this beauty of a mirror all transformed and it was ready for its close up shots.I gave it a full day, for everything to dry and the next day I had planned on taking some super pretty shots of my hard work but instead I made my husband hang it up in our bedroom to see how it looked because I was really excited.

Everything was looking good. The mirror had a new life , the day was going great and I went to bed thinking that tomorrow I’m positive that I’ll take its After shots and thats when Tragedy Struck.

My husband and I were sleeping peacefully that out of no where we hear this loud EXPLOSION. I hear the sound of something breaking and falling and just like that there was complete Silence within seconds.

What I feared had happened.

I woke up and saw that MY MIRROR had crashed into million little pieces.




Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIY

(To be accurate it wasn’t entirely a million maybe just a couple of 100 or maybe 50 pieces but whose counting RIGHT)

The point is the Mirror was DONE!

Apparently the string with which it was attached to had come undone. Even though I made sure that the back was super glued the thing that I overlooked was the string with which the whole thing was attached. Literally it was hanging on by a Thread and just like that the transformed mirror existed No More.

I forced myself to sleep and said to myself I will deal with it in the morning  I’ll turn it into a cracked mirror look, I’ll be able to salvage it etc etc.

But by morning I was just kinda over it and I went and picked up the pieces and by “I”, I mean my husband picked up the pieces while I whined and complained ” WHY ME” “WHY ME” !

In the history of my DIY life, I thought it was imposiible BUT apparently it is possible to  make something so drab even worse.

Okay lets not get all dramatic here, I did manage to snap some iPhone Quality pictures. So here you go guys :)

Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIY

Aztec Mirror Makeover - Delicious And DIYAnd Like I end every post with the standard ” What do you guys think?”

This time around I’d rather not :)

How I Literally Ended The Life of a $5 Mirror

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    Shailaja says

    Hi Anam. You might not feel like asking me what I think but I *have* to let you know what I feel. Your diy mirror looked pretty good while it lasted but……sniff, sniff….boo hoo….

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    Your projects are terrific!! I’m wondering about the fabric backdrop that you use for all your projects – multicolor chevron? Is that photo-shopped or real fabric? If fabric – name and where to purchase?? Thank you so much!

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      Aww Thank you :) About the background its actually a really huge hand painted canvas. I do sell hand painted pieces if you are interested do let me know. Thank you for dropping by !

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