5 DIY Clay Bowl Makeover Ideas

5 DIY Clay Bowl Makeover Ideas- Delicious And DIY

Who doesn’t like a simple DIY Makeover, I know I do well most of the times other times I like to complicate my life 😉

But today I’m sharing with you guys my Round Up of Clay Bowl Makeovers that I’ve done over the past few months and which are so simple and easy and make such a big difference wherever you place them. You can use it to hold in perfumes or jewelry or use it to place keys in. The point is you can do a lot of stuff with it and they look super cute too.

1) SouthWestern Inspired Bowl Makeover

I’ll start off with the first one which is one my favorite to date, maybe because this design is what My husband and I painted together on these canvasses and might I add it took us roundabout 8 hours to complete it. So it only made sense to recreate this masterpiece. Right?

But of course on a smaller scale and which only took about 10 mins in total.

SouthWestern Inspired Bowl Makeover- Delicious And DIY

2) Aztec Inspired Clay Bowl Makeover

This one is also one of my favorite makeovers, it was a little time consuming but well worth the hard work. I love everything Aztec and this bowl was the perfect canvas for this pattern.

I hand painted all the designs and finished it off with a Gold Sharpie to give it a clean look. Almost all my projects have a Gold Sharpie element in them, I’m obsessed about it. What can I say 😉

Hand Painted Aztec Bowl Makeover- Delicious And DIY

3) Ikat Chevron Bowl Makeover

This was a fun little project since it had all the elements that I love which is color, chevron and Ikat pattern. I chose all my favorite colors especially Hot Pink and Gold and then I just went crazy with it.

The thing about this pattern is that it is a very forgiving design, you can do absolutely anything, paint it whatever way you like and it will turn out pretty ALWAYS.

IIkat Chevron Bowl Makeover4) Hand Painted Bowl Makeover

This bowl makeover was super confusing and challenging and annoying, It was basically everything which could drive me crazy. I just couldn’t understand for the life of me what I wanted to do with this bowl. I ended up painting it in this blue and light blue shade combination which took me like an hour to perfect.

But the next day I didn’t like it at all so I took my Masking Tape and in a diamond pattern taped off the bowl and painted the entire Bowl orange.

Then of course at the end with my Gold Sharpie I went over the entire bowl and was relieved that what I had created turned out pretty good after all.

Hand Painted Bowl Makeover

5) Geometric Bowl Makeover

This last version was one of my first Bowl Transformations and at that time I was obsessed with the Mod Triangle trend and this Clay Bowl got the same treatment. I stenciled out a bunch of triangles and then colored them in with some bright, popping colors and Voila you have a new bowl.

Geometric Bowl Makeover

Thats pretty much for my Clay Bowl Transformations Roundup. Hope you guys like it.

5 DIY Clay Bowl Makeover Ideas - Delicious And DIY

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