DIY Faux Marble Table

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYAh another fun little furniture makeover that I did recently that I get to share with you guys today. I couldn’t wait to try out these beautiful paint colors from Velvet Finishes that I received earlier and this little piece was perfect for my little experimentation.

The table was in a pretty decent condition no cracks or dents, it just needed a little cleaning before I started its makeover and of course a lot of Love 😉

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIY

These were the beautiful colors that I got to play around with Boheme, Ethereal, Glamorous and Exotic.

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYAren’t these names just the cutest!!!

First I took off the hardware from the drawers and gave them a doze of Rust-Oleum Silver Metallic Spray Paint and let it sit and dry.

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYThen I started with the color Glamorous, anything which has Glamorous written all over it  you know you have to try it out first 😉

So my little Side Table got a Head to Toe Glamorous Makeover. It took two coats to cover it but I didn’t fully cover it since I did want some wood to peek through.

Next I took out the drawer and painted it in the color Boheme. It glided on perfectly,didn’t even need another coats since the coverage was more then enough the first time around.

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYAfter that was the fun part. I slathered on the colors Exotic and Ethereal, no need to be perfect at this point.

Clearly I was no way near Perfect. Ignore the brush lines or not being even or  being all over the place because everything was going to be fixed in the next step.

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYWhich was basically using a piece of cardboard, any cardboard piece which you just rip. No need to be all fancy by using scissors and all that stuff because we need it to be jagged to get the marble effect.

Since the size of my drawers was pretty small I used a tiny piece of cardboard.

When the paint is still wet you go in with your cardboard piece and make all these swirls and waves in no set direction . You can make them as big or as intricate as you want.  Just keep wiping off the cardboard piece after each stroke and keep on swirling until you get the desired look that you want.

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYWhen both the drawers and table were dry I went in with the color Ethereal and painted the border of the drawers and the last step was to paint the entire table in Enhance Clear Glaze.

After that I re-attached the drawer pulls. This time around I didn’t spray paint them Gold, it was really hard not to go all Gold Crazy on these handles but I controlled myself and went with Silver 😉

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYAnd this how the table turned out.

Your very own DIY Faux Marble Table.

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIY

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIY

What do you guys think?

DIY Faux Marble Table- Delicious And DIYI love how the colors blend in with each other and the blue pops out from behind.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Velvet Finishes. All thoughts, opinions and projects are my own.




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