Aztec Table Makeover

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYI’m so excited about this makeover because it has two of my favorite things in the world which is Aztec and tons of Color . I fell in love with the Aztec Pattern because of its fun , vibrant and just colorful goodness. So when I heard the theme of this months “The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest”  which was  “Come On, Let Your Colors Burst” I was like SIGN ME UP!  because this is definitely my JAM 😉

This was the perfect excuse for me to just go crazy with colors !

The table that got this treatment was this Two Drawer Table that my husband and I bought a while ago. We bought two of these and last week I shared with you guys how I gave one of the tables a Faux Marble Treatment.

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYThis table on the other hand was getting some Aztec loving 😉

So the colors I chose for this project was all Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint. One was this beautiful teal color called Treasure, the other was this lavender color called Remembrance and lastly a cute peachy shade which was called Smitten. Plus how can I forget the most important part of the makeover the Aztec Stencil 😉

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYWith my stencils and colors in hand I got to work. First things first I removed the hardware off the drawers and gave it a good coat of Rust-Oleum Gold Spray Paint.

While that was drying I gave the table and the drawers one coat of the color Treasure . It needed two coats to fully cover it but it gave an amazing coverage with no visible brush strokes or anything. This is how it looked just after one coat.

Aztec Table Makeover- Delicious And DIYThen it was time to begin the stenciling with this beautiful Aztec Stencil.

Aztec Table Mkeover- Delicious And DIYThe top part of the table got a lot of color and pattern . Besides the three colors I went in and added hot pink and baby blue as well because HEY this was all about color the more color the better I say 😉

It took a while for the stenciling to be complete since I had to do it in sections so I had to wait for one part to get dry so I could move onto the next. With a gentle hand I filled in the stencil and tried to keep it as clean as possible. At first I was being really precise then I thought isn’t this supposed to be all about color and just being fun?

So out went the preciseness and in came the fun times 😉

Aztec Table Makeover- Delicious And DIYThis is how the top turned out. How cute is this !

Loving the color, the patterns and basically everything about it :)

Next was the drawer parts. Since the top had so much going on I wanted to keep the pattern on the drawers simple or at least I tried to.

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYThe sides of the table also got some Aztec love  but I didn’t want to overdo it so I just stenciled two arrow patterns facing in the opposite direction.

Lastly I just went in and attached the drawer pulls.

And there you have it a super fun little makeover.

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYThe drawer pulls after a fresh paint of Metallic Gold Spray Paint look amazing.

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYThe Lavender and peach in contrast with the Teal color looks beautiful. I also tried adding in some Gold touches but just a little touch :)

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIY

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYAnd there you have it guys. What do you think?

Aztec Table Makeover - Delicious And DIYIf you guys want to see more colorful furniture makeovers, you can do so by going to On Fern Avenue and Anastasia Vintage.

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