2016 Round-up: My Top 5 Favorite Projects of the Year


I realized I’ve never actually done a round up of my favorite projects of any YEAR!

And I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I thought it’s high time I should do it this time around!

I do have to say it was hard to narrow it down to only five projects and I also realized that my list was more focused on the projects I had done recently.

So its certainly not the most “perfect” representation of my year its just that the projects I have done recently are my favorite at this moment just like the others were my favorite at that particular moment.

Okay enough with the explanations!

Lets start off my Top 5 Favorite Projects of the Year.

With my favorite piece right now.

1)Stenciled Dining Table


From the colorful over the top table to the stenciled chairs.

This project still makes me so happy!

2) Gold Leaf Coasters


Sometimes a project doesn’t have to be huge in size to have a WOW effect like these Gold Leaf Coasters.

Even though they are small but its always the little things that have a beautiful impact.

3) Refinished End Table


You have to see the Before to realize why it is in my favorite list.

I literally had no idea what to do with these end tables but the ombre flowers just added the perfect touch that I wanted and saved these tables.

4) Flower Art Nightstand


Theres a charming, cottage chic vibe to this Flower Art Nightstand which makes me love it, hence why I had to add it in my top 5 favorite projects of the year

5) Multicolored Ikat Nighstand


And last but not the least these crazy colorful Ikat Nightstands.

This list did make me realize that I love playing with color. Not one project was dull or muted in color.

And I love it.

Lets see what 2017 has in store.

But I do know one thing for sure my projects will be even more brighter and full of color!


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