Anam Zohaib - Delicious And DIY Blogger

Hi my name is Anam a 20 something year old who  loves anything and everything DIY . Fitness, nutrition,fashion, home decor  and cats are among many of the things which make me the happiest. If I’m not DIY-ing you can find me on Pinterest getting inspiration for my next project or you can find me buying furniture pieces off Craigslist or thrift stores so I can give it a makeover and completely transform it.

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I started this blog in 2013 more like I made it public that year. I used to intern at a place where I would blog for other companies and make their blogs/websites look all pretty and that’s where I got my blogging bug. I knew I wanted to start one but I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about.So when my internship ended I got so busy with my studies that I didn’t really think about blogging or anything for a while but my increased obsession with DIY was growing and growing.

I used to be into all sorts of arts and crafts when I was a kid and painting furniture made me realize how much I missed it. I always had this bug of wanting to create art or make art.

Just make things pretty in general I guess :)

Thats when I thought I would document the before and afters of all the makeovers along the way, intially I used to show those before and after pictures to my close friends and family who absolutely loved what I did. So I thought why not just start a blog about DIY makeovers and post everything in one place.

And that is how Delicious And DIY came about.

So hope you guys stick around for the journey :)