Otomi Tribal Pillow

Otomi Tribal Pillow - Delicious And DIY

This post has been long over due. Im just glad I got around editing and finally posting about it today. Because I absolutely love how this pillow turned out. Paint a Pillow sent me the beautiful Otomi Roosters Pillow Kit and my first impression was “WOW the packaging is super cute”. And it includes literally every […]

Fabric Painted Cushion Ideas

Rose Pillow Makeover - Delicious And DIY

So I’ve had a couple of plain pillows lying about for quite some time now. They didn’t really bother me nor did I plain on changing them since they were white and neutral and they kinda balanced out all our crazy colorful furniture pieces. But of course that only lasted a few months before I had […]

Rose And Gold Foil Art

Rose And Gold Foil Art - Delicious And DIY

This wall art has been on my mind for quite some time now. I just had this idea stuck in my head of a half Gold foil and half “Rose” painting. So it just had to be done. Not all my ideas when executed turn out good but this one I ended up loving even though […]

Modern Lamp Makeover

Modern Geometric Lamp - Delicious And DIY

This Lamp is pretty much an “In your Face” Bold Statement piece. I just did not want to give it a simple lamp makeover and call it a day. This lamp is for someone who really loves to take risks! I basically had a checklist for this lamp that it should be Quirky Something Never […]

Glass Paint Marker Plate Makeover

Glass Paint Marker Plate Makeover - Delicious And DIY

I know its been a while since I posted but I am back with this cute little plate makeover using glass paint markers. I finally came around using my DecoArt Glass Paint Markers and I am in LOVE with the results which are just like real Glass paints. Since it’s in a marker form it […]

How to Quickly Update An Old Lamp

How to Quickly Update an Old Lamp - Delicious And DIY

This was certainly a quick little makeover hence the title 😉 but no joke I was done with this project in under fifteen minutes. Starting off I’ve had this lamp for almost five years now and it was just a basic little lamp. I actually really liked how it was originally which is why I […]

Gold Leaf Coasters

Gold Leaf Coasters - Delicious And DIY

I absolutely love transforming furniture pieces and thats like my top favorite projects to do but then there are days when I just simply love little mini DIY projects like these Gold Leaf Coasters. And these coasters just turned out so darn cute 😉 I bought these square cork coasters from Michaels a while ago […]

Stencilled Wall Shelf Makeover

Stencilled Wall Shelf Makeover - Delicious And DIY

You guys can clearly see that my go to stencil is Cutting Edges Indian Inlay Stencil since its so versatile. Ive used it on multiple pieces which you guys can see here, here and here. And this little Wall Shelf also got a dose of it today If you guys keep on reading you can […]

Ikat Chevron Lamp

Ikat Chevron Lamp - Delicious And DIY

This was a fun little project because I had a planned out in advance the perfect pattern I wanted to paint on the lamp. And when I have a plan the rest of the project is a breeze. The pattern I chose was none other then the Ikat Chevron. I know I know some of […]