No Bake Cheesecake Cups

no bake cheesecake cups

This is like your typical straightforward , ready in 5 mins cheesecake recipe which never fails. I normally use condensed milk for the sweetener but this time around  i just used sugar but with the condensed milk it makes it more richer and creamier in texture but also in my opinion way to sweet. So […]

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

coconut oil choco chip cookies

These cookies are like my go to cookies after my oatmeal cookies of course. They are super easy and super chocolate-y.I need to have one of them like every single day. Sigh. I have zero will power when it comes to chocolate. Anyways lets move onto the cookie making part. Ingredients 3Tbsp oat flour or […]

Steel Cut Oats with Dates & Nuts

steel cut oats

This is how I begin my day with a bowl of a Steel Cut Oats. I used to eat the normal quick cooking oats but now honestly I am hooked to steel cut oats plus there the least processed oats out of the bunch and they taste good too. Steel Cut Oats keep you fuller […]

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Noodles


Since i made this dish i honestly cannot get enough of it,the sweetness from the honey and the spicy from the chillies all wrapped up in noodles Yum Yum plus this dish doesn’t take more then 20 mins to make so yeah why not have it everyday 😉 Starting off season the chicken with salt […]

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies who doesn’t love Brownies. Soft, Cakey and Chocolate-y brownies with a steaming cup of coffee. Yum Yum This recipe is pretty straightforward. I used to make these since i was a kid and it hasn’t changed a bit always come out exactly the same. These are the ingredients you will need 2 cup […]

Mini Chicken Pies


These mini chicken pies are a mixture  of a quiche/pie nonetheless it tastes delicious so no one really care what it actually is as long as it tastes good Right ? So starting off i stir fried the chicken which i had marinaded in all sorts of different spices you guys can keep it simple […]

Orange and Lemon Heaven


When life gives you alot of “oranges” you should definitely eat them whole with all the fibre and gain tonnes of benefits ;). But if thats not what you want to do so make this delicious Orange and Lemon heaven you wont regret it i promise. Oranges and Lemons are packed with Vitamin C and […]

Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

pin and web

This Chocolate Coffee cupcakes is another one of my quick ” I need a cupcake/dessert right now ” . I like to have my chocolatey treats as quick as possible and this recipe thankfully delivers on taste and as well as speed :). So starting off  in a large mixing bowl I melted the darked […]

Banana Pancakes

bana pin1

When your bananas are about to go bad you know  its time to make Banana Pancakes. This recipe is pretty simple you only need three ingredients. Mash 4 Bananas , Add in 2 Eggs and mix it together. I like to keep some pieces chunky so when you take a bite of the pancake  you […]