Pastel Painted Hexagon Feature Wall

Pastel Painted Hexagon Feature Wall

After a very long time I got to paint a wall and Guess What? We chose a design which took us about 9 hours. Of course how could we ever settle for anything less intensive. How could that ever be possible in my life. But i do really love this wall so I can’t really […]

Week 5 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge


Week 5 is here already and this week I wanted to just focus on the smaller stuff add some final touches and just chill out.But oh no no no how could that be possible with a billion ideas running around in my head. I have never had so many ideas and felt super confused at […]

Week 4 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

table top

It’s week 4 and things are coming together and its making me happy.This week i tried to complete the wall but more of my focus was cleaning out the room and making space.The bookshelf that covers the whole wall of the room needed to be sorted out, plus as it was a complete dump room […]

Week 3 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge


And we are halfway through, its already Week 3 of the ORC. Time is literally flying by and with what little time i could get I finally managed to work on all the chairs I found the perfect coral stripe fabric for the Gray office chair and the other black office chair is completely done. […]

Week 2 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge


When i first got to know about the dates for the One Room Challenge  i was like this is perfect i will be completely free for those six weeks and i can give my whole time to this project but BOY was i wrong life happened and i literally have no time to focus on […]

Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge


I’m so excited that I’m finally participating in the One Room Challenge this time around which is hosted by the lovely Linda at Calling it Home.This is like the perfect motivation for me to start working on my basement room which i have been neglecting for far too long. Literally that room is now used […]

Guest Room Makeover

guest room makeover

After giving both the lounges a makeover which you guys can see here and here  my next target was the guest bedroom. The room needed a lot of color injected into it because it doesn’t get much sunlight plus the existing furniture in the room is dark in color therefore i wanted it to be […]

Herringbone & Stripes Wall Makeover

wall makeover

After Gold Stencilling my downstairs lounge which you can see here i decided that the  upstairs lounge needed a makeover too. And being the biggest fan of herringbone obviously that was the first design that came to my mind. I wanted to use two shades of grey one was a bit lighter in color then […]