Purple Marbled Art

Purple Marbled Art - Delicious And DIY

  So this will finally be the last of my “Marbleized” Art series and I absolutely loved every single minute of creating these pieces. You can see my previous marbleized adventures here and here. By now I’m sure you guys know the drill of making this Art. Choose the colors, pour the paint, shake it around […]

DIY Bottle Makeover Ideas

DIY Bottle Makeover Ideas- Delicious And DIY

So in my last post I kinda forewarned you guys that the next few projects will be on a Marbleized theme. When I painted these wall arts which you can see here, a lot of paint was used up and a lot of it spilled over the sides trying to achieve the marble effect. And you […]

Marbleized Wall Art

Marbleized Wall Art- Delicious And DIY

This has to be by far the most fun I had creating a Wall Art. It takes literally seconds and the results are stunning. Its kinda addictive in a way. So just a heads up guys the next few projects might literally be all marbled! For this project you need to be prepared since paint will […]

Rose And Gold Foil Art

Rose And Gold Foil Art - Delicious And DIY

This wall art has been on my mind for quite some time now. I just had this idea stuck in my head of a half Gold foil and half “Rose” painting. So it just had to be done. Not all my ideas when executed turn out good but this one I ended up loving even though […]

Bejeweled Aztec Art

Bejeweled Aztec Art - Delicious And DIY

  I Know, no need to tell me, I already know! I’ve used this stencil on multiple projects, I know. I get it !  In case you are wondering you can see it here and  here But the thing is I can’t get enough of it . Aztec Art is my absolute favorite So I really can’t help […]

Floral Art

Floral Art - Delicious And DIY

 I know I have been on a hiatus but I am back today with another Wall Art to add to my Gallery Wall Collection. I had been on a Michaels shopping trip where I basically just picked up the most random things anyone can imagine. I never actually have a plan when I go there I just […]

Dotted Flower Art

Dotted Flower Art - Delicious And DIY

I’ve finally started working on my work/study room. About time I would say! What I plan to create in my study space is a colorful gallery wall. And not just some ordinary gallery wall, I want it to be covered from the ceiling to the floor (not literally) with wall art. And this guy right […]

Boho Chic Wall Art

Boho Chic Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

Theres a Giveaway in todays post so keep on reading until the end I had been wanting a Bohemian Wall Art for far too long. And I had been searching high and low for a perfect Mandala design. But the type that I wanted, I couldn’t find or if I did it was just expensive. […]

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

Just a heads up you guys the next few weeks all my posts will be heavily focused on Wall Arts. I’ve painted so many and then I realized I have posted absolutely zero of them. So I decided I should give those poor guys a chance 😉 The Bar Stools pictured above you can see […]