2016 Round-up: My Top 5 Favorite Projects of the Year


I realized I’ve never actually done a round up of my favorite projects of any YEAR! And I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I thought it’s high time I should do it this time around! I do have to say it was hard to narrow it down to only five projects and […]

Dotted Flower Art

Dotted Flower Art - Delicious And DIY

I’ve finally started working on my work/study room. About time I would say! What I plan to create in my study space is a colorful gallery wall. And not just some ordinary gallery wall, I want it to be covered from the ceiling to the floor (not literally) with wall art. And this guy right […]

Boho Chic Wall Art

Boho Chic Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

Theres a Giveaway in todays post so keep on reading until the end I had been wanting a Bohemian Wall Art for far too long. And I had been searching high and low for a perfect Mandala design. But the type that I wanted, I couldn’t find or if I did it was just expensive. […]

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

Just a heads up you guys the next few weeks all my posts will be heavily focused on Wall Arts. I’ve painted so many and then I realized I have posted absolutely zero of them. So I decided I should give those poor guys a chance 😉 The Bar Stools pictured above you can see […]

Tree Painting Wall Art

Tree Painting Wall Art - Delicious And DIY

So I’m not really the biggest fan of painting trees or nature or anything which requires an extra ounce of energy then my regular geometric designs (which I absolutely love) But my husband had been wanting me to paint a “Tree Painting” for almost forever! Any time he would see any Nature painting in a […]

Refinished Coffee Table


Here it is guys. The coffee table post that I promised a while ago. It’s finally here! Remember these Refinished Side Tables And I told you guys I also bought an exact coffee table but its only more bigger and of course more “Coffee Table” like 😉 So here we are with its makeover today! This […]

13 Bright and Bold Furniture Makeovers


Since I’ve been doing my DIY Furniture Makeovers for almost three years, it only made sense to make a Round Up of my favorite Bright and Bold Furniture Makeovers I have created to date. I will have a part two of this post since it was so hard for me to narrow it down to […]

Console Table Makeover


To think of it I haven’t given a makeover to a console table and to top it off I’ve never used such a light pretty Coral color on any of the furniture pieces I’ve transformed to date. So this table was literally a double whammy of trying two completely new things and it turned out […]

Flower Art Nightstand

Flower Art Nightstand - Delicious And DIY

  You guys already know I’ve made this pattern but on a canvas and you can go see it over here. It had to be done, the design, the colors and the pattern everything is just so good that it needed to be recreated on a furniture piece. You can see where my original inspiration […]

Ikea Lack Side Table Makeover

Ikea Lack Side Table Makeover - Delicious And DIY

 I always liked these Ikea Side tables more specifically because they are the perfect blank canvas for a DIY person like me to go as wild as I want to or be as subtle ( which in my world will never happen ! )as I want to. And  more importantly for once I had a […]